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Lapo Vivarelli Colonna

Lapo Vivarelli Colonna



Growth through acquisition is a business strategy to grow rapidly, increase profitability, acquire greater resource and capture a greater proportion of a market share. The main goal is to improve the company’s performance for its shareholders through synergy and enhancing existing skills. Combining expertise, assets and market share is likely to generate more opportunities for sales and revenue. The integration process is critical, as is retaining talent and continuing operations without interruptions. To succeed, the process must follow tight rules for aspects such as: the pattern of growth tailored on the company; growth criteria; process, internal rules and integration, where necessary; and solution to integration problems. This is a complex process, and there are risks that can cause significant loss of shareholder value. The transaction phase is pivotal, and if it is not conceived and executed carefully and strategically, it can negatively affect the whole process.